New Kicks.


Dove time.

Lovely to be shooting for Dove again with a new round of ‘real’ women, the wonderful Veronique Vial for Mutton Bones and Ogilvy Chicago.

Treated them all to a pink robe, handmade initial button badge and cosy slippers.

IMG_8708 IMG_8677 IMG_8675


Been shooting with Tara Moore this week for Rubicon. The trusty British weather was in full swing for a Summer looking campaign! Still nice as always to be dressing and propping in the rain

IMG_8646 IMG_8655 IMG_8644 IMG_8656

Kelloggs All Bran Shoot.

Here’s the Kelloggs All Bran ad I styled for Oli Kellett  and Leo Burnett

No arms were hurt during this reproduction.


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