Styled these for a test shoot with Nick Dolding recently.

Used the following brands to select from
Nike Jordan
Stella McCartney for Adidas

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Premier Inn.

Have been producing and styling for Premier Inn this week with George Logan. Its been f f f f f f freezing! Shooting a bed on the beach at West Wittering sure does wake you up a little before Christmas!

IMG_7892 Premier_Inn_X4_for_blog IMG_7895 Premier_Inn_X4_for_blog2 Premier_Inn_X4_for_blog3 IMG_7898

McDonalds teey tiny world.

Had fun styling these mini explorers with Nick Dolding of Horton Stephens for a new Mcdonalds campaign with Leo Burnett. The worlds were created from CGI by Additive. The kids had great fun imagining they were already in these worlds! The campaign is promoting a new series of ebooks for kids available through Mcdonalds.

Mc1 Mc2 Mc3

crop2 crop1


Well, this is it. The pinnacle of my career. Got to not only meet but style the one and only icon and love of my childhood Michael Knight (aka David Hasselhoff) for a tv commercial today.

More details to follow but savour this 70’s inspired Love God for now…


James Corden for Glamour.

Props styling for Glamour magazine with James Corden. Photography & video by John Wright.

James Corden Photographed by John Wright

Screen Shot 2014-03-22 at 10.11.31

This is what £1 million looks like…

Well not quite, approx £200,000.00 padded out with paper.

Waiting to bury someone famous in it too.


New slippers.

Something to keep my tootsies warm this Winter. Very happy with this sheepskin and suede find!


Gunwharf Quays.

Recent styling for Gunwharf Quays shopping centre with Tara Moore.



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