Smith & Nephew

Been shooting at these labs all week at Smith & Nephew in Hull with Dylan Collard.

We caused a bit of a stir however when Jelley set the extra sensitive fire alarms off with our extensive lighting set up… Well done Jelley!


Santander Ads

Ads for Santander shoot with Dylan Collard for WCRS are now live. Looking good!

Clothing Coultons

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Grease is the Word.

Amongst the chaos of the massive Etihad campaign I’ve been working on for practically the last month, I have also been working on a surprise 40th Birthday party for my ‘old’ friend Simon whose all time favourite film is Grease – so what better idea than to theme it! All in a days work really – costumes, decorations, props, catering, coordinating guests, invites, poster designing… Ouch and a very large hangover the next day! I know my wig wasn’t quite right as Frenchy, and having tried several times and under advice from ET – nothing would curl the darn thing.

A Mission of Meat.

So I know everyone is banging on about burgers at the moment, but I though it was about time I put in my 2 pennies worth…

I am a burger fan.

However it can’t just be anything sourced from convenience – ie. Iceland Horse Burger or Kebab shop Rat Burger. It either has to be the New York way or my way and that’s it!

I’m a fan of Meat Liquor, although not of the queues – so extremely pleased to have Meat Mission (by the same peeps at ML) to join my neighborhood. Its housed in a beautiful old Christian Mission on Hoxton Market – and has kept many of the original features, a little bit different from ML which was a West End strip joint!

Anyway, I can rustle up a rather tasty burger, but Meat Liquor, Market & Mission you just cut the gherkin on mine!

The Beautiful Marilyn.

Just picked up this book in a charity shop on another style icon of mine – Ms Monroe.

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