150 Years of TFL.

Nice vintage styling on this TFL Ad to celebrate their 150 year anniversary – No I didn’t do it!

Fabulous Poodles.

Just got handed this as a  – “Here you go this is your type of styling” present. Quite possibly the best album cover I’ve seen in a long time…

Etihad – To Abu Dhabi & Back in 24 hrs

So January for me, so far has been rather hectic. I am almost complete on a 9 day shoot for the Airline Giant that is Etihad. Its been challenging at times, but well worth it and an absolute pleasure to be working with Wonder Woman Hat Margolies again at Lucid Rep and the genius that is Photographer Anders Schonneman

As its been a somewhat, shall we say, busy few weeks and shoot days, I don’t seem to have any BTS pics to show. I can however let you all in to the adventure myself, Anders, Assistant Tamin & Art Director Gary Monaghan from M&C Saatchi encountered, it proceeds as follows… Wrap shoot in London, hot step it straight into a taxi, fly Etihad to Abu Dhabi overnight in Business Class (Thank you for me now never being able to turn right on a plan EVER again!!!), upon landing in AD whizzing it in a taxi for a 15 minute turnaround of shower, change & reapply of makeup straight to shoot at the stunning Viceroy Hotel on Yas Island, wrap shoot, change, dinner, sleep, fly back to London.

Now that was an adventure!

Having never been to United Arab Emirates, I don’t really have anything to share on what I saw as I didn’t have chance to see anything. I did however meet some lovely people, shot in a gorgeous hotel, ate good local food and did manage to grab a whole 45 minutes in glorious 28° sunshine – it feels like it will be a long time before this happens again!

So sadly, no behind the scenes pics, just a few sunny backlit photos that make it look like I had a holiday…

Enjoy the sun!

The Beautiful Audrey Hepburn.

Just found these beautiful old snaps of Audrey Hepburn. My all time girl crush style icon. I love their simplicity yet humor. Watch this space for a Audrey themed shoot…

Dr Marten. I have you in my posession after 20 years of wanting you.

Finally have some DM’s – OK so I’ve not gone for the 8 or 12 or 16 hole (yet) just trying to see if I can get away with the Flora Chelsea boot first then I might upgrade… I have SO always wanted DM’s since my Grunge days in the 90’s… they seem to work pretty well in the snow too!

Tim Walker. (I had to go again… and write a blog post on it as its so darn good)

So I have been (yet again) to the fantastic legend that is Tim Walker Storyteller exhibition at Somerset House again today. I love it. It really is I think, the best exhibition of photography I have ever been to, period. Well done Somerset House on the visual propping which seamlessly adds to Tim’s beautiful images. Go before it finishes! Here are a few of my favourites from the show…

Website update at Natasha Freeman Headquarters.

Jeez, I was rather busy last year. Just had a little spring clean on my website and added lots of new shoots…

Thanks for That!

A fun and comedy project always goes down well with me – I seem to be the Queen of Comical Styling these days…

Here are finished pics from a personal project with Mr Alan Powdrill, depicting a well known unappreciative pastime we’ve all encountered; presents you simply say, “Um, Errr, thanks for That”!

HNY – Here is to a lucky 2013

Just thought I’d say Hello and HNY!

I also love Lionel & this T- shirt…

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