Very pleased to have received TW Storyteller for Crimbo…

Happy Crapsmess.

This is my offering of a Crimble Tree to you all.

I can be a bit grumpy about Christmas. For me, every day is like a Christmas shopping day – I usually have a list of props or wardrobe to get that is as long as one’s arm and have to hit Oxford Street frequently to do so. Imagine the headless chicken feeling that you get trying to find the perfect Dressing Gown for Dad or Jeremy Clarkson’s ‘Great Escapes’ for Brother, when everywhere has sold out. Yep, welcome to my world – you have to be organised, make a very concise list and wham, bam, get in and outta town quick… I have to say though I am not a headless chicken!

I must admit though, I’ve not actually started my Christmas shopping yet…

So this is me saying HAPPY CHRISTMAS one and all!

Thank you so much for the frilly toilet roll holder. Its just what I always wanted Gran.

Worked on a fun project today with Alan Powdrill & Deanna V’lcevska.

All will be revealed, but lets just say its all about those embarrassing presents we receive from time to time…

Thanks to all my Facebook and Twitter friends who compiled the following list of presents they had received in the past :

A stuffed cat
A dishbrush
Cleaning products
Fake Louis Vuitton bag shaped like a shoe from market
Big control (suck it all in) pants
Scooby Doo (the cartoon) on DVD aged 27
A gravy boat
An electric razor from parents, aged 12
A box of Straws
Ice cube trays
A tube of mustard
Toilet paper holder
A padded toilet seat
Spray on Hair
Knitted Y Fronts

Here we all are showcasing some of the delights in store.


Hurray! My beautiful custom made N initial ring has arrived from NY – Thank you so much Lisa Lindhardt! I LOVE IT!


I love my new Happy Socks from NY!

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