Vodaphone times

Fun times these last few days shooting with one of my old time contacts and acquaintances yet never worked with and favourites; Mr Dylan Collard. Been shooting in campuses, under expressways, houses, table tennis clubs – the works! Also met a very lovely new lady who will be in my book of super peeps; the lovely Make Up Artist Deanna V’lcevska

Bad Weather. Really Bad.

Leading on from my Converse find, a little inspiration for this shoot. We’ve been shooting wild, wet and windy scenes today!

Great game and drenched models Olly, Kate, Matt, Pedro & Kirsty cast by myself. Photography courtesy or Mr Kingsnorth, Stills Art Directed by Gem Fletcher and video directed by lovely Alwyn both at Getty. Behind the scenes video by Jack Attack himself, Jack Flynn and wind and rain machine, courtesy of the lovely chaps at Cinebuild.

Soggy Converse.

Liking this new Converse campaign, looks much like the weather here at the moment. Like the idea of planning a shoot around this drenching weather…

Glad time, Beach time

Looking at shooting some lovely old time beach fashion shots, just working on some moodboard ideas…

There’s no business like show business.

Busy casting at the moment for numerous clients… Here’s one I prepared earlier for a pharmaceutical client and Oli Kellett for an upcoming shoot.

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