Nick Dolding Olympics in the home shoot

Been working on a busy, busy shoot today with Nick Dolding and the lovely Gemma Fletcher from Getty Images.

We were creating a variety of Olympic sports in the home – but in a homemade way. I got to make lots of props and build stuff too!

Watch this space for the final shots – can’t wait!

Vintage Fayre

I am going to be selling vintage clothing and homewares this weekend.

Just making my price tags up…

Its a London thing

Simon Winnall and I shot some rather nice black and white images (for a change) round Dalston. We gathered together some lovely hip young things and set about shooting around the streets.

The great British fry up!

Worked with the great Frank & Helena Herholdt last week in a greasy spoon style cafe. Here is a sneaky behind the scenes shot of Greg outside the cafe in the rain, spraying more rain onto the windows! More shots to follow!


Marks and Spencer’s you should be ashamed of yourselves. No one is going to buy this. Surely?!

A tourist’s day out

Simon and I have been shooting our own version of a day out in London today for our own personal stock. We got be tourists for the day in the big smoke.

Business Portraits with Howard Kingsnorth

Been working with one of my favourites (I know I say this about all of them but its true!) Howard Kingsnorth today. We were shooting some business portraits for Getty with the lovely Gemma Fletcher from Getty Art Directing.

Watch this space as they are going to look most different from how you’re expecting them to look…

TGI Friday’s 25th Year Anniversary Commercial

At last the final edit is cut and ready. This was an epic, epic shoot to work on. Great team and job well done!

I worked on all casting and styling. 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s. A cast of 12 and 75 extras… there was a lot of rails!

Agency Clarity
Director Nicholas Cornwall
Casting/ Styling Me
Hair & Make Up Elkie Phillips

Thanks to Alan Sharman Agency for supplying a multitude of lovely people, Adage for the lovely Daisy, Extra People for the 75 extras and Ian Curran, Andrew Baguma and Lindsay Goysch from Casting Call Pro.

Special thanks to Jeremy and Laura at Clarity and my amazing Assistant Jamie Green

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