Sorry Jamie

I didn’t mean to overwork you!

TGI Friday’s Behind the scenes

Recently been styling and producing a mammoth promotional video for TGI Friday;s to celebrate their 25 years. The video follows the story of a hero male from the 80’s, 90’s and present day so this was a Stylists dream! There really was endless shopping to be done on this one, involving vintage purchasing, loaning from vintage suppliers and the help of the high street¬† – seeing as both the 80’s and 90’s are rife out there at the moment. I can’t believe the 90’s fashion has come back around again!

My lovely cast took photos of themselves in their 80’s get up. Amazing how it actually has come back around and doesn’t actually look that dated anymore. Oh how I start to feel old!

Thanks to Alan Sharman Agency for supplying a multitude of lovely people, Adage for the lovely Daisy, Extra People for the 75 extras and Ian Curran, Andrew Baguma and Lindsay Goysch from Casting Call Pro.

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