Final images – David Ryle Test

David and I started working on this project some time ago after wanting to create images that were something special. After a thorough reccy of the disused boarding school we were inspired, how could such a place like this exist and what was its story? Casting models from agencies such as Nevs and Cosmic enabled us to get beautiful yet slightly awkward and pure looking talent so this combined with the location was the making of a strong shoot. From the timeless beauty of the location we decided to go with a slightly vintage feel with the clothing – whilst keeping it modern and subtle. A really amazing shoot to work on, with enchanting results.

Photography David Ryle
Hair & Make Up Elkie Phillips
Models Charlie at Nevs, Chris, Andi and Simon from Cosmic, Ellie from MOT and Robert Gosling

P&O Cruises Azura shoot

The ever great Photographer Tony Pleavin, my amazing friend Hannah Marshall (Hair & Make Up) and our lovely clients P&O all set sail on the Azura cruise ship around the Mediterranean. Much fun was had, (amongst very hard work I might add) to create these beautiful lifestyle images for their brochure, website and image library. I had an epic 22 items of luggage with three 6ft rails to hang all the wardrobe on – I felt like a right diva when embarking! However with 6 models and 8 costume variants for each, its no wonder I was left holding all those bags! I must admit I did get through my entire wardrobe whilst on the good ship for almost 3 weeks. AND I’m pleased to announce I never got sea sick once!

There are some behind the scenes shots on another post back in September.

But here are some of my favourites from the shoot.

Test shoot with David Ryle

I have been shooting in the most incredible location today. A disused school in Oxfordshire. It was partly frightening but partly exciting as the boarding school has been shut down for 7 years, yet furniture, books, lockers even bedding is still there with a story to tell. Myself and Photographer David Ryle found the location a couple of months back and fell in love with it. for now here are some behind the scenes shots but I will reveal all when they are finished in a couple of weeks

Hewlett Packard – behind the scenes

I’ve been travelling to and from Bracknell all week working for Hewlett Packard. This shows how I trapped a man on a table and surrounded him by mounds of papers… All in a days work!

Its been lovely to work with a very nice team too.

Photographer Jock Fistick
Hair and Make Up Ciara O’Shea
Agency TMP San Fransisco

National Book Tokens – Behind the scenes

Got to work with one of my all time favourite Photographer’s Gary Hamill last week – in fact he was the first I ever Art Directed back in my EHS Brann days.

We got to shoot for a great client; National Book Tokens and work alongside the lovely peeps (especially you Clare) at Kit Catt Nohr

I Produced and Styled the shoot with a lot of help from the amazing work of Andy Knight and his team.

All books were donated from Macmillon and Penguin and thankfully I didn’t have to purchase them, worse still carry them! It was great to be able to hire an amazing period costume from Angels and generally work with a rather nice bunch!

Final ads are out soon but for now here are a mix of behind the scenes from the prep days stocking up the books onto the shelves and the finished shots!

Oli Kellett – Kids with strange and wonderful instruments – behind the scenes

Did another test shoot with the lovely Oli Kellett on the weekend in a school down Streatham way… We shot kids with strange and wonderful instruments. All beautifully posed as portraits with their music making wonders.

Clothing was a mixture of vintage and high street but overall there was a retro feel – which was great to style on teenagers for a change.

Hair and Make up by the lovely Elkie Phillips who has recently signed to my agents LPA

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