I’ve made it!

My own name on the door at Holborn Studios. (Sorry Jules it should have been yours!)

Angel of the North

Was reccying the beautiful Northumberland for Visit Britain and had to take the opportunity to visit Anthony Gormely’s Angel of the North. She is amazingly beautiful! Big too…

Aston Martin Shoot with Julian Calverley

I worked with Mr Julian Calverley a couple of months back, producing and styling for the press launch shots for the new Aston Martin Cygnet.

I cast models from MOT Models and we shot at the infamous Holborn Studios Jules then shot the backgrounds separately – a great work in post though am sure you’ll agree!

Wardrobe was sourced mainly from the high street; ASOS, M&S, H&M, Uniqlo, RI and Next but the Ascot inspired hat (oh that hat!) was made bespoke for the shoot by milliner Ilda Di Vico what an amazing job! Check out her other beautiful creations! Oh and the sunglasses were Prada daaaaarling! Who says a Stylist can’t get designer brands on commercial shoots anymore!

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